Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Resurrection of Renata

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Se Leen Cartas.

Card readings, dream interpretations, astrological compatibilty, straight-up judgment....15 years plus experience. I can keep a secret.

Trades only - I pull a card for you, you trade me permission to write it up.

Por exemplo:

I can't decide whether to quit my job and follow my bliss of (something that yields zero income...let's say...writing). I have an excellent career as (something that makes more than zero income) and am good at what I do. The thing that keeps me up at night, is the knowledge I can be doing something better and the fear I am running out of time. The economy is terrible, I feel like I am spitting in the face of the unemployed by quitting, but I think that if I don't change something and have more time to (fulfilling activity), I will regret it for the rest of my life.

Oh. You got the Knight of Pentacles. Sorry, but you can't quit your job just yet.

Fitting that you got a Pentacles card - the card of practicality, MONEY, and Earth. As Wands translate to fire, passion or chaos, Pentacles translate to pragmatism, hard work, and seriousness. Are you sure you aren't just being overly critical of yourself? This card points to issues with perfectionsism...are you really discontent with your job and want to be a painter/writer/welder, or is that desire coming from somewhere else? Something to think about it.

No worries, you aren't doomed to a lifetime of ennui. Your saving grace, is that this is a Knight. There is a slight rebellion in all Knights and it may seem that there is no way to reconcile your (paying gig) with (something that will make you poor) but if you think of your job as a means to your desired end, it will feel less like what you are doing and what you want are mutually exclusive. Use your job to support your real passion , rather than your passion suffering because you have a job.

The Knight of Pentacles is also someone who has tremendous patience. He triumphs by paying his dues, removing his emotions and self imposed deadlines, and timing his moves for a more opportune moment. He is willing to wait to get what he wants, as unglamorous and tedious as the waiting room to success can be.

Dream interpretations and astrology below, as well as other Tarot and some lovely pictures of gatitos.

See...Someone knows how to take care of their ching-ching.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Astrological Forecast.

Special Fire Edition because California is burning:

You are stubborn and have a bad temper. Not everyone agrees that force is the best way to accomplish things, but most people admire and are grateful for your long as you take the time to educate yourself in whatever it is you are going on a rampage about. Wear red and orange. You are one of the best signs in the Zodiac when you are self-fulfilled and confident, definitely the strongest. Consider leading some type of revolutionary movement, whether in haircare or immigration reform, whatever you care most about and think will help others. Our generation needs more aggressive INTELLIGENT Aries. For the remainder of the year: Have you ever thought about hunting? What about origami? Try to conquer a new hobby that uses a part of your brain you never used before. If you are an artisitc Aries, think about subscribing to the Wall Street Journal and reading it. If you are a business minded Aries, pick up a Juxtapoz or Martha Stewart Living. Do you like to garden? Try Lowrider mag and learn all about chrome.

If Leo was an animal, it really should be a hybrid peacock lion. Leos are certainly good looking and the best ones are vain and arrogant. Always have a few Leo's at your parties. 1 will feel restless because it is like trying to light a match in a vacuum packed room; 2 might get into a shouting match to compete for the most attention; but 3 or more makes sure that there is enough drama and fun to go around. Buy them jewelry or something to appeal to their physical beauty. Leo's are a bright addition to any social circle and even though their need for attention can get a little annoying, they are loyal and affectionate gatitos. For the remainder of the year: take a look at what you have accomplished. Are you satisfied? You should be. Leos have a tendency to fall into self berating fits but are often times the envy of their friends. The rest of this year needs to be about relaxing and preserving your energy to make you less susceptible to mal de ojo. Stay in at least one weekend a month to zone out in front of a lake and indulge in anti-aging treatments. You can work yourself to death again next Janaury.

Crazy. All of them. Most are sweet, intelligent, and really good at making other people cry. Definitely a fighter and usually finds a way to maintain a positive outlook in bad circumstances. I have never met a Sagittarius that thinks they are destined for anything less than what they want. It is a solid innate confidence and their optimistic outlook is contagious. The best way to describe Sagittarius is well-rounded - they seem to have absorbed a bit of every Zodiac trait and can smartly adapt to all sorts of different people and situations. For the remainder of the year: focus on the next year and what you want your future to look like. Write up a little plan of things that need to be accomplished. If the Zodiac gave out vacations, the past couple years have been yours and next year it is back to work. everything you want will start happening for you but you need a plan or you will get overwhelmed with choices. Your decisive nature is going to be put to good use, so you have to know what you are trying to achieve in order to make all decision to that ultimate goal.

Like the other fire signs, their complications are pretty upfront - no peek-a-boo psychos here, it's all in your face. Fires don't usually apologize for their flaws and are good at finding a way to blame you for not being able to handle them. Their fantastic "take it or leave it" philosophy makes it easy to form strong and honest relationships, something Water signs should take note of.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009


The Apocalypse

Living in Southern California, dreams of earthquakes mean something very different to someone who lives in tectonic free Wisconsin. Generally, earthquake dreams are very rare and mean something awesome is going rock your world and your life will never be the same.
If you live in SoCal, or Mexico City, or Java, or anywhere else the world seems to be rolling these days, earthquake dreams are slightly less ambitious. There is anxiety, loss of control, and general worrying about things you may never predict or change.

The most recent earthquakes in SoCal and Mexico City have upped the chattering on the 2012 Mayan prophecy. For the uninitiated, the myth is based on 5 suns, each corresponding to a life of the Earth. The first sun ended with jaguars eating the world and the inhabiting gians that roamed it. The second sun's reign was wiped out by winds, then that world was over. The third by fire rain, and the fourth by floods. This fifth creation (that's us!) will eventually be destroyed by earthquakes. So to a Southern Californian Chicana - earthquake dreams equal apocalypse.

Any type of apocalyptic scenario in a dream means you fear (or anticipate?) your world is ending. It is a caution to check up on your moral compass: is someone leading you astray? Are you making decisions you wouldn't normally make? Have the sudden urge to look different or take on new interests because of someone new in your life? Sometimes, when you want to impress or appease new people, it can trigger a positive life change. Like quitting smoking, exercising more, eating healthier, and making new friends.

But sometimes, if you are already on shaky ground, you may unknowingly give them the power to destroy you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gemini Rising

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